About Us

Joyzone Holdings is a private organization which focuses on multiple business sectors. Trading privately with consumers on a one on one basis, Joyzone Holdings prides itself in developing strong relations with the consumer in order to give the customer exactly what they are looking for.
Joyzone Holdings believes in the value chain mythology therefore a business model designed to give our clients immediate value by tactically planning and managing all project management services within our service offerings.

The combination of our business services as a whole are facilitated with strategic Alliances/Partners allowing us to have a magnitude of industry credibility, experiences and the ability to offer the following services;
• Events Management.
• Public Relations.
• Fashion Ink.
Our services aim at the promotion of the highest degree of service deliveries through delegation and creativity, which enhances their brand identity or objectives to its target audience.

Our mission is to be known and respected as a preferred business partner through all our service offerings, exceed the expectations of our customers to a larger market segment.

• Integrity.
• Consumer needs.
• Innovation.
• Reliability.
• Credibility.
• Excellence.